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Half Marathon - Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the location of the start-finish line and parking?
The start is at YAS WATERWORLD on Yas Leisure Drive. There will be plenty of parking in the over flow carpark opposite the water park.

What time do the races start?
The half marathon start is at 0630 and the 10km race commences at 0700.

Where can I park my car?
Traffic will be directed to the Yas Waterworld overflow car park on the opposite side of the road to the start-finish area. There will be marshals directing traffic.

What time must I arrive by?
The car park will close prior to the half marathon race. All runners should arrive 45 minutes prior to race start, therefore half marathon runners should arrive by 0545 and 10km runners before 0615. The car park will close at 0600 until the half marathon runners are clear and then reopen briefly for 10km runners who are late.

I have purchased the Classic ChampionChip Pack along with the registration. Will that also be available at the bib collection?
Classic ChampionChips will be issued to you at the first timed event you're registered in subsequent to your purchase. For further assistance:  

I have my own timing chip, can I use it in the race?
If your chip is a Classic ChampionChip (yellow only) you may use it in this race; please ensure your chip code is updated with your registration if required.

I have entered for the race but am now unable do it. Can I get my money back?
Once you have completed the online registration process a refund of your entry fee is not permitted.

Will there be somewhere at the event where I can leave my bag and valuables?
There will be a bag drop area but no responsibility is taken by the organisers for lost property.

Will the course be available for me to view before the race?
There are maps of the course available on the website, runners are encouraged to review and where possible familiarise themselves with the course by running or even driving the course.

Can I give my race bib to someone else?
No, you can not transfer or give away your bib. Each bib is our way of identifying individual participants and this is therefore important for the safety of all competitors.

Will there be support on the course if I can't finish?
Yes, there will be support on race day. Two ambulances, medics and marshals at various location along the track will be able to assist.

Is there a cut-off time?
Runners on the course after 3 hours will be asked to move to the pavement to complete the run.

Are there water/aid stations and how far apart are they?
There will be multiple water stations along the course from the 3km mark.

Will there be distance markers?
There are distance markers every 1km.

What happens if I miss the race start?
Competitors missing the race start may still run the track, but will not qualify for a race time.

Will there be food and drink available after the race?
There will be basic fruits and refreshments in the post race recovery area and a breakfast inside Yas Worldworld included with your race entry.

Can I run the course before the race to practice?
We encourage you to come along and run the course.

Will there be toilets out on the course?
There are toilets near the start-finish area at Yas Waterworld and also at the 13.5km mark.

I have young children. Are there any child care services that I can use while I am running?
There are no child care facilities available on race day.

Other notes:

  • All athletes must compete on foot (no baby strollers, roller blades, skateboards, wheeled vehicles nor use of any animal).
  • All athletes enter and run entirely at their own risk.

If you have any questions, please email us at

Developed by: Abu Dhabi Striders Volunteers
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